Premium Reunion Website

The premium reunion website package comes with tons of great features to make sure that you have the most successful class reunion possible. In addition to being able to sell tickets online or accept donations online you will have unlimited pages that your classmates will find great enjoyment from. Here are a few examples:

Classmates Page

See your classmates profiles complete with images from graduation and today. Communicate securely with your old friends through this private social network.
Class Reunion Classmates

Poll and Quiz

Find out about your classmates opinions on all sorts of topics related to the class reunion and quiz them on all kinds of things from when you were in high school. The quiz and poll are preformatted widgets that are tons of fun for all you classmates.
Class Reunion Poll

Memorial Page

Add a biography of those who have passed away and allow everyone to comment and share their favorite stories.
Class Reunion Memorial

Flashback Page

Use an extra page to create a flashback page from the year you graduated. It can have top movies, musics, tv shows, awards, price of common products. It is easy to do thanks to sites like Wikipedia and your classmates will love it.
Class Reunion Flashback

Where Are They Now

A fun part of the classmates page that allows the class to see where everyone ended up geographically.
Class Reunion Now

Photo Albums

Organize pictures from high school in unlimited easy to view photo albums.
Class Reunion Photos


Create a preformatted FAQ page that will answer all kinds of questions that your classmates will have surrounding your reunion week-end.
Class Reunion FAQ
Our research has shown us that the most successful reunions are the ones that started planning early and created a great website for their reunion. We strongly recommend that you select the premium package to have the most successful reunion possible.

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