Why a Class Reunion Website

Get people to come to your class reunion

Create some interest in your class reunion to guarantee it is well attended

In order to have a successful high school reunion there is one thing you need more than any other - attendance. The more people you get to attend, the better the reunion will be. The best way to get people to come to your class reunion is to create some interest.

Produce a nostalgic sentiment with pictures, music, video, from high school

A class reunion website can persuade people to consider attending the reunion by creating a nostalgic sentiment with pictures, music and videos from high school. Your reunion website can include wonderful stories, a quiz and a classmates page with photos from then and now. In addition you can provide lots of information about the events you are planning or just things to do at the reunion destination.

Class Reunion Website

Reunion Website

Provide a communications hub where you collect and distribute information

Your reunion website will become a communications hub for all your classmates, fostering a community atmosphere. Friends can send private messages to each other through the classmates page and interact on Message Boards and the Blog. Classmates will also be able to use the Who's Coming page to find out who will be attending and they can discover where everyone has settled on the Where Are They Now page.

Every time there's a class reunion update, simply send your classmates broadcast emails and direct them to your Class Reunion Website to take whatever action you require; RSVP, make a payment, respond to a survey, upload photos, register for an activity and so much more. Complete details and maps for travelers will be accessible at all times from anywhere. Everyone will have a central place where they'll find all the answers to their questions.

Save time and money with online registration, payment, fundraising, surveys

In addition to being your communications hub and marketing tool for your high school reunion, you can also save time and money with your class reunion website. Online registration, online surveys, online payments, and online fundraising are just some of the features built-in to your reunion website.

Class Reunion online registration

Class Reunion Ecommerce Tools

Use built in ecommerce tools without Pay Pal or a merchant account

With MyEvent.com you get some added benefits with your high school reunion website, because all of our websites come powered with ecommerce tools that allow you to accept payment by credit card without a merchant account at the very low rate
of 5%. You'll never have to worry about manually collecting payments from your classmates or about checks getting lost in the mail. We'll handle all transactions for you. You can also do some awesome fundraising through your website and accept donations online as well.

Promote your class reunion through social media using our sharing tools

You will be able to promote your class reunion using social media with our built in links that allow classmates to easily share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN or by email.

Promote your class reunion

Class Reunion Website

Your class reunion will look professional and you will look like a genius

A class reunion website will also make the reunion committee look very professional, and for that you will get extra consideration when people are deciding if they want to attend or not. Moreover the reunion website will act as a way for people to stay in touch even if they absolutely cannot make it to the event.

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