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Adding Music To Your Site

You can upload up to 3 songs on your website. Files must be in MP3 format, and your 3 songs can"t exceed a total of 20 megs in size. You can only add music to your homepage. Please note, the system does not allow you to upload songs to multiple pages on the site because it will interfere with the user experience as songs will play over each other as the user navigates throughout the site.
  1. Click on your homepage in your Control Panel.
  2. Click Music in the Edit Features section
  3. editFeatures

  4. Click on the browse button, locate and select the MP3 file you want to upload from your computer.
  5. selectMP3

  6. Click on Open.
  7. OpenMP3

  8. Enter a title for the song.
  9. Click on Submit.
  10. submit

Read more information on making MP3s and uploading music.

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