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Converting a CD

How to convert a song on a CD to an MP3

To convert a song on CD to an MP3 file which you can upload to your site:

  1. Download the free program Audiograbber Audio Grabber on
  2. Click on run to install.
  3. The program will require you to click Next several times to install.
  4. Click here to download the codec file that will let you create MP3 files in Audiograbber.
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Click on your C: drive
  7. Click on Audiograbber folder and then click on Save.
  8. Double-click the Audiograbber icon on your desktop.
  9. Put the CD into the disk drive on your computer.
  10. In Audiograbber select the song you want from the CD by clicking the checkbox next to it.
  11. Click on the MP3 button. (not the small checkbox)
  12. Select Direct Rip and Encode to MP3 file.
  13. 13.Select LameEnc for Internal Encoder.
  14. Click on Ok.
  15. Then click on the Grab! button.
  16. This will grab the file from the CD and turn it into an mp3 on your hard drive. This process may take several minutes.
  17. In your control panel click on Edit Home Page.
  18. Click on Music.
  19. Click on Browse.
  20. Click on your C: drive
  21. Click on Audiograbber folder.
  22. Click on the MP3 you just created.
  23. Click on Open.
  24. 24.Add the song title then click on Submit.

You can upload up to 3 songs on your website. Files must be in MP3 format; your 3 songs can"t be more than 10 MB each and cannot exceed a total of 20 MB in size. Note that MP3 music comes in large files. Large music files will take a long time to upload to your control panel. Also large music files will take a long time for people viewing the site to download.

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