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Converting from iTunes

To upload music to play on your site, the music needs to be in MP3 format. If you"ve purchased a song from the iTunes store, here is how you can convert the song to MP3 format and upload it to your site:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. openingItunes

  3. Go to Edit. Click on Preferences.
  4. clickonPreferences

  5. Click on Import Settings.
  6. ImportSettings

  7. In the drop-down menu for Import Settings, select MP3 Encoder. Click on OK.
  8. selectMP3Encoder

  9. Click on a playlist which lists the song you want to convert.
  10. clickonaPlaylist

  11. Right-click on the song that you want to convert. Click on Create MP3 Version.
  12. createMP3

  13. To upload the MP3 file, in the control panel, go to Welcome, click on Music, then click on Browse.
  14. clickonMusic

  15. Go to My Documents and click on My Music.
  16. gotoMyMusic

  17. Click on iTunes, then click on iTunes Music. You"ll then see the album name, if you click on it, you"ll see the mp3 file. Select the mp3 song that you want to upload and then click on Open.
  18. selectMP3toUpload

  19. Click on Submit and wait for it to be uploaded.
  20. submittoUpload
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