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Many people ask what is the best way to use the RSVP page, Registration (classmates) page, and the Buy Tickets page on their Class Reunion Website.

You do not have to use the RSVP page, but it can give you more information for planning purposes.

When you first set up the website, the inclination for your classmates is not to buy tickets right away (though they should be encouraged to do so with a link to the "buy tickets" page). They are likely to want to wait and see who else says they will go and procrastinate paying for their ticket.

The idea behind the RSVP page is that it gives you an idea of who says they will come. Knowing how many people to expect can help in planning the various events of a reunion. As time goes by, you will end up with 4 lists of people

List 1

People who have not been contacted and who have not registered on the website. These people should go on the Missing Page or in the "Missing" section of a page and your classmates should be encouraged to direct these people to come to the website to register, buy a ticket or RSVP.

List 2.

These are people who have registered on the website on the classmates page or perhaps even wrote a guest book entry, but have not RSVP'd or bought a ticket. You can follow up with these people to see what their intention is and encourage them to buy a ticket or at least RSVP one way or the other.

List 3

These people have RSVP"d and said they will come to the reunion but they have not bought a ticket yet. You should follow up with these people and encourage them to buy a ticket.

List 4

These people have bought tickets and can go on a page or a section called "who"s coming". You may not want to create this page until you have a certain amount of people that have purchased tickets.

In order to stay organized, you need to create a tracking system that is always current. It is important that you generate lists of the four key groups mentioned above:

The Promotion team’s goal is to keep classmates moving from group 1 towards group 4.

Once you have identified who is in which group, it is easy to target those in group 3, for example, by sending them a broadcast e-mail reminder:

"We noticed that you intend to come but have not yet purchased your tickets. Take advantage of our early bird offer and save $30 off the ticket price by purchasing your tickets today!"

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